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Journaled File System Technology for Linux


IBM's journaled file system technology, currently used in IBM enterprise servers, is designed for high-throughput server environments, key to running intranet and other high-performance e-business file servers. IBM is contributing this technology to the Linux open source community with the hope that some or all of it will be useful in bringing the best of journaling capabilities to the Linux operating system.

Developing JFS

JFS is licensed under the GNU General Public License. If there's a feature that you'd like to see added to JFS, consider becoming a part of the JFS development process. Since JFS is an open source project, it's easy to get involved.

Latest News

Date News
03/04/11 jfsutils release 1.1.15 is available here
04/06/09 jfsutils release 1.1.14 is available here
07/17/08 jfsutils release 1.1.13 is available here
08/24/07 jfsutils release 1.1.12 is available here
06/05/06 jfsutils release 1.1.11 is available here
10/19/05 jfsutils release 1.1.10 is available here
10/04/05 jfsutils release 1.1.9 is available here
05/03/05 jfsutils release 1.1.8 is available here
07/22/04 JFS release 1.1.7 is available here
05/28/04 JFS DMAPI release 1.0.3 is available - library is here, kernel patch is here
04/28/04 JFS release 1.1.6 is available
03/04/04 JFS release 1.1.5 is available
11/11/03 Added "Who's using JFS?" section to web site
10/30/03 JFS release 1.1.4 is available
09/05/03 JFS release 1.1.3 is available
03/25/03 JFS release 1.1.2 is available
02/21/03 Reworked web site (added frames, fixed broken links, etc.); web site without frames available here
09/06/02 JFS patches for extended attributes and ACLs are available for release 1.0.21 (see JFS patches)
08/20/02 JFS was included in Marcelo Tosatti's Linux 2.4.20-pre4 release of the kernel (see changelog for 2.4.20-pre4)
02/28/02 JFS was included in Linus' 2.5.6-pre2 release of the kernel (see changelog for 2.5.6-pre2)
02/14/02 JFS was included in Alan Cox's Linux 2.4.18pre9-ac4 patch (see changelog for 2.4.18pre9-ac4)

JFS Core Team

The JFS project is managed by a small, core group of contributors known as the JFS core team. In addition to having read-write access to the JFS source code repository, this group has the following responsibilities:

  • Deciding which features go into which releases 
  • Deciding who has access to the JFS source code repository (who are JFS Contributors)
  • Approving the check-in of new or changed source code and documentation 
  • Appointing new members of the core team
The current members of the JFS core team are:
Dave Kleikamp IBM Corporation shaggy@kernel.org

Please send comments or inquiries to shaggy@kernel.org.